Assalam & Good Day! Selamat Datang ke Garage Salez. Di Garage Salez ini anda semua dapat melihat & membeli semua barangan lama, baru, rare, antik, kecil, besar, berharga & banyak lagi! Mana tahu, disini anda semua dapat menjumpai barangan yang telah lama anda semua cari!! ha! kan best! hehe..pendek kata, Di SINILAH TEMPAT YANG DAPAT MELENGKAPI KOLEKSI IMPIAN ANDA..

HA! Apa lagi tunggu??!!! jom shopping!!! 🙂


Please Read This:

1. MOST of the items are USED item (unless it says brand new items), which their condition may not function as new item.

2. The price are fixed without the postage fee. The postage fee will be charge to customer according to courier standard rates.

3. All items sold are not guaranteed. So, customer have to bear with the consequences. All items shown in this blog is  “what you see is what you get” method.

4. The photo is taken from its original items only.

5. Interested buyer may call/sms or email me at 0192255815 / mfaizal6905@gmail.com


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